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Busines Life Insurance
Busines Life Insurance
Busines Life Insurance
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Homeowners Policy Cancellations

In the last two years, with all the losses, we have specialized in homes and buyers/sellers that have had losses. Why you ask? From research and experience, I can tell you that most buyers/sellers with losses are really good families that have been put in a bad situation. In fact, every client with losses that we have insured is still a client today. Not to mention, they are some of our best clients. Click Here to see how we solve the problem.

Buyer Losses

Many Insurance companies are looking back three years at a buyer's renters and homeowners insurance history for claims. Most insurance companies will decline coverage if a loss is found. An exception will usually be made if the client has an existing renters or homeowners policy with the insurance company. If the buyer does not have a current renters or homeowners policy or they were canceled, that is where we can help.

Seller's Home Losses

Many insurance companies are now looking at the Seller's property for losses in the previous three years. Some are only looking for water losses while others are looking for any type of loss. If a loss exists, the homeowners policy will is declined for the buyer.

THE PROBLEM! It may take days from the time an agent puts the policy into the computer system to the time the computer underwriting system runs a loss report. If a loss is found, the policy may be declined and the buyer will be given 20 days of coverage required by law. This results in higher insurance costs for the buyer, wasted resources and bad feelings between the Client, Sellers, Real Estate Agent, and Insurance Agent - Everyone losses!

To avoid these issues have the seller disclose a C.L.U.E. report or have the buyer's insurance agent run a non-bound inquiry. Remember, a C.L.U.E. report can only be run by the Seller - BY LAW! If you do run a report you can count on being sued by the seller when they go to buy their new home and it shows up on their credit report. Click Here to learn more on about C.L.U.E. reports.

How We Insure Homes With Losses!

1. We have creative ideas on how to help structure a deal involving losses.
2. We deal with clients and homes that have had losses daily?
3. We know the industry and players?
4. We have yet to be unable to place a home or client.
5. We broker with most of the companies that deal with losses.
6. We own investment property ourselves and have real estate experience.
7. We have insured clients and homes from 1 loss to 8 losses with premiums ranging from $900 to $5000 annually.
8. We have never lost a client that has had losses.



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