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Busines Life Insurance
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  Insurance Scores

How do Scores work?
Most insurance companies today are using insurance scores in one form or another to provide additional discounts. In general, a client gets a score from “A” to “Z”. An “A” gets the biggest discount and a “Z” gets the lowest.

When calculating the premium for a homeowners policy, insurance companies start with the same base rate for all clients depending on location and other underwriting guidelines. The client’s insurance score simply provides a discount off this base premium. The key here is that the score comes in the form of a discount (percentage) just like any other insurance discount. For example, on a home, you get a discount for having a centrally monitored alarm.

How do I get my Home and Auto insurance scores?
Click Here to get your Home Score
Click Here to get your Auto Score

Another option is to ask your insurance agent to run them for you. NOTE - IT IS AGAINST THE LAW FOR ANYONE TO RUN YOUR INSURANCE SCORE WITHOUT YOUR PREMISSION. In most cases, it is considered a hard hit on your credit and shows up as an inquiry. If anyone runs your scores without your permission, you may be able to sue for damages!

How do I Improve my insurance scores?
Click Here for information on improving your scores.

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