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Busines Life Insurance
Busines Life Insurance
Busines Life Insurance
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Busines Life Insurance
Busines Life Insurance
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Jim's Bio

As you can see from the picture, Jim Kreisman is very friendly, confident and has a positive attitude that comes from the enjoyment he receives in helping people find security and peace of mind. In the mission statement "Protecting Your Assets, Dreams, and Future!" - Jim is stating his commitment to to providing both new and existing clients with the highest level of customer service for life.

Jim's goal is to be able to provide all the services his clients need. As of today, Jim is licensed in Property and Casualty, Life, Health, and he can provide Financial Services. Going a step further, recently, Jim became a certified notary.

Jim Kreisman received a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science in 1987 and then earned his MBA in 1991. He has many years of Technical, Senior Management and Sales experience in the Software and Financial industry. After he graduated in 1987, Jim worked for NASA, Sun Micro Systems, Wells Fargo Bank, Wells Nikko Investments and Avaya Communications. One of his most notable contributions was designing what you see on the desktops of most Wells Fargo Teller Stations.

Jim is a family man and understands your desire to provide for and to protect your family. He has been married to his wonderful wife Julie for over 12 years and loves playing and spending time with his two children, Jonathan and Jennifer.

Jim loves classic cars, golfing, investing, and reading.



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